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Best 5 Painting Types & Styles

There are different styles of painting where you can put your creativity. Hold the brush and paint your imagination.. Painting is an art of filling up colors in a certain way to create your imagination.

by Dehradun College of art  |  21-09-2019
Top 10 Most Influential Art Styles In Modern History

A lot has changed as technology progresses and new discoveries are being made in science, so how can Art stay from innovating. Here are some of the most famous and influential art styles of the modern society

by Dehradun College of Art  |  19-09-2019
Top 5 Psychological Benefits of Paintings

Have you ever thought if your hobby could be beneficial for the health of your body and mind? Make the best of your limited time with colours to paint your fantasies and at the same time work out your brain

by Dehradun College of Art  |  10-07-2019
10 Tips for Beginners to Improve their Sketching Skills

When you are a beginner to sketching, you might not feel comfortable with the pencil or the paper, but only practising can make you better at it. Many artists would advise to always keep a sketchbook at hand, but

by Dehradun College of Art  |  08-06-2019
Basic Tips to Remember for Painting with Acrylic

If you want to try playing with colours then acrylics are the way to go, they are cheaper than oil paints and also the easiest to master than other liquid mediums

by Dehradun College of Art  |  25-04-2019
The Ultimate Guide to Watercolour Painting

Watercolours may be cheaper and easier to learn, but they are actually considered one of the hardest mediums to master

by Dehradun College of Art  |  20-03-2019
How to find inspiration for your paintings

Being an artist requires an active imagination which, sometimes can be tough and mentally draining. It happens to everyone eventually.

by Dehradun College of Art  |  27-02-2019
What Separates A Pro From An Amateur

There are many telltale signs when it comes to judging artworks. But it’s not just the quality of the artwork that separates the master fr...

by   |  08-02-2019
Fine Art Exhibition/Workshop by Dehradun College of Art

Want to build a career in Art but don't know where to start? Join us on this Republic Day at Fine Art Exhibition/Workshop where professionals from Dehradun College of Art will help you know how you can Jumpstart your Career in Art.

by admin  |  17-01-2019